Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light

Lost in the shadow of giants

Is the silhouette of a little man who

Learns to live in darkness

Searching his way past thorns and bushes

While cherishing the sound of bees amidst the night’s silence,

Falling and rising;

Likes tides of sea,

Ending and renewing;

No matter the weather, continuing,

Failing and succeeding;

No matter the defeats or victory, ever growing,
Befriending the dark

While seeking the light

Knowing not the source of darkness

But certainly the joy of light.


How Poor Are You?

How poor are you
That your honor has to be given to you
Not from your own satisfaction but that of others?

How frowned are you
That when your body loses its senses
You cannot choose to take hold of it?

How miserable are you
That you cannot find joy within yourself
And depend on someone else to give it to you?

How stupid are you
To seek forgiveness from others
When you cannot give it to yourself?

And oh,
How unwise are you
That you offer hatred
Even when you know that love lies within you?