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Memories of School – The Library

Schools are the place where we build the most memories. The classrooms are the canvases. And for book-lovers like me, libraries always stood out. In fact, it was where I had the most fun in the last years of my school. From making friends to bunking classes, ditching sports events, annual functions to doing extra researches, library was a home.

It took a form of a few books; the first days at the library. And, in no time it was our comforting place, a place to rest and lay all your tensions aside. The worn out shelves, the tables which – at the last – were  added, the pile of newspapers that had experienced a hundred hand folds – the library was a witness to our school coming to an end, our growth an innocence.

And I will always remember those staffs who were always busy nosing student’s life and affairs. However, I cannot deny they love and support they offered me whenever I was around.

The chairs where I had endless talks with my best friends. The book ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ that I first touched when I was in eighth grade for suggesting my sister, which later became our class’s favorite must have a hundred prints of my fingertips. How we were all intoxicated by Morrie’s personality and his perspective towards things.

The swag we had being the senior most students of the school, the epic lies my friends said to bunk the classes, the serious talks about of aspirations in life and the complaints of having tons of assignments… those were unforgettable!

The meetings we had for speaker’s club, the directions we gave our juniors for the programs that were to be held on school, the stupid punchlines we invented for farewell programs… the library witnessed it all!

The friends I made in the library are what I will never forget.  The walks and the lunches we shared, the first awkward chat to the tears we shed on the day of their deport… well, they are of tremendous sentiments! I can bet, the people you meet in the libraries are never going to disappoint you.

Who could have thought a little room to be something you would miss the most, cry and smile over?

A library is a place of constant change, exploration and growth.

Perhaps, that’s why it’s close to my heart, the first library I had stepped into, my school library.